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I won't lie to you, this is my family business. Started by my dad 20+ years ago, my brothers and I are in the midst of the real estate development company's first generational transfer.

I've done a lot for this company, but in early 2020 we updated the logo and put together a new site using Contentful as a headless CMS and Create React App. This project had me learning about dynamic routing and a ton about React and JS in general. In retrospect, I probably should've embraced Gatsby earlier, as it was a tool that I was aware of at the time and it would've made a few setup steps easier. But with that said, it gave me some first hand experience with React Router, so it's fine.

Word on the street is that there might be some a new company launching and will have more branding and web work to do.

Example of my work on the project
Example of my work on the project
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