Nate van der Vis

Is a Designer and Frontend Developer with 12 years of experience as a generalist on Product, Agency, R&D, and Marketing teams.


Bringing ideas to life

Sitting in a role that covers both design and development, I'm focused on designing and building expressive websites that are easy for teams to manage.

I've found that design or technology are only as good as there implementation. To get this right requires both a strong eye for aesthetics and usability along with a equal strength of technical foundations — areas I'm looking to continue my growth in.

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Web Design

Good design is essential; it builds identity, fosters trust, and creates an emotional connection with customers while solving tough problems.


Design Engineering

Frontend development covers a lot of ground these days. I like to sit more at the front of the frontend, where design meets the road with tech.


Structured Content

Discovering what information is important and where to surface it is key to understanding how to create efficient and scalable content experiences.



Whether it's interactive flows in Figma or building out a proof of concept using the latest web tech, prototyping leads to a better end product.



A lot of my career was spent moving companies over to Shopify from various platforms, or making demo stores on other various platforms.


User Experience

A product's experience is almost as important as what it ultimately achieves for the user. Watching how people use things leads to finding opportunities to delight.


Org Design

Being in a company growing from 17 to over 400 people, I've been a part of many teams and helped shape operations and processes.



By hooking into request data at the edge, doing things like changing page content based on geographic data, becomes a trivial exercise.

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Brands I've helped
Lime Crime logo
NPR logo
Bold Commerce Logo
Proctor & Gamble logo
Obama Foundation
Pernod Ricard logo
Timbuk 2
Zippo logo
Stones Throw
AWGE logo

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