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Product Designer / Frontend Developer meets Radio Host / Gardener / Cook / Cyclist / Pet Person

Hi, I'm Nate. I'm a Product Designer and Frontend Developer at Bold Commerce, a remote first ecommerce company headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada. I mainly work on our Marketing Team nowadays, where I build and maintain the publishing platform (website). My work enables my teammates to operate efficiently and rapidly respond to changing markets, with expressive web properties. In my other roles at Bold I've worked on some of our core products, helped shape some of our R&D projects, as well as designed and built online stores for a wide range of clients in various industries.

When I'm not doing the ol' web thing, you can find me on UMFM co-hosting the radio show International Feel, a show that looks back at a world full of obscure funk, soul, and disco music.

I'm also a big fan of cooking, so you can also find me sharpening my knife or digging into a new recipe. Speaking of digging, I'm also planning on expanding my garden — ask me about it.

A picture of me after an icy -40c bike ride to the office.

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